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Guthry's Garage Episode 1 - 1956 Holden FJ Barn Find

by Nick Guthry

Welcome to Guthry's Garage Episode 1! The aim of this series is to take you inside Lou Guthry Motors, highlight what we do and how we do it. Established in 1980 Lou Guthry Motors is a market leading classic car and automotive accessory business run by and for enthusiasts.

In this episode as we rescue a fantastic old FJ Holden from a barn in country Victoria. We test drive the car in a paddock and then sympathetically recommission the vehicle before we sell the car to a customer in country NSW.

More information on this fantastic FJ:

Australia’s car the 48-215 was released in November 1948 and was perfectly suited to unique Australian driving conditions. In September 1953 the face-lifted FJ arrived featuring a new chrome grille inspired by contemporary American Buicks, hubcap design and tail lights. Production finished in 1956 and by that time more than 250,000 ‘Humpy’ Holdens had been built. This particular 1956 example has had only 3 owners from new. A Victorian car its entire life, the car was fully restored by its second owner around 20 years ago. After being sold to its third owner the car was placed in long term storage in country Victoria. A matching numbers example with no apparent rust and mechanically sound the car drives exceptionally well. Good examples of this Australian icon are becoming increasingly hard to find.

Jaguar S-Type - The 1960's Saloon that set the benchmark for comfort | Tyrrell's Classic Workshop

by Nick Guthry

Below Watch: The Italian exotica take a back seat this week as Iain instead reaches for the comfy slippers in the form of the 1960's Jaguar S-Type. And comfort is very much the bi-word for this luxurious saloon, a development of the Mark 2 and a smaller and more affordable option than the Mark X. With the fabulous XK engine under the bonnet in either 3.4L or 3.8L form, the S-Type shared many of its underpinnings with the Mark X and sportier E-Type that launched a couple of years earlier in 1961. The most notable of these was Jaguar's new Independent Rear Suspension system that remained the benchmark until the 1980s, so revelatory was its performance in improving comfort, handling, safety and road-holding.

Iain introduces this lovely example of a car that sold 25,000 across its production run, catching up on the interior restoration work of the previous episode that Craig has now completed. Iain then delves into more detail on the XK engine and the independent rear suspension system before taking the car out on the road to enjoy that comfortable ride...

Jaguar F-Type Coupe: The Best V6 Exhaust Note In History

by Nick Guthry

Car Throttle Present: Jaguar F-Type Coupe The Best V6 Exhaust Note In History. The new Jaguar F-Type Coupe isn't just a pretty face with an expensive price tag; in supercharged V6 form, it's also the best-sounding six-cylinder car in history.

New 2021 electric converted Citroen 2CV

by Nick Guthry

Below Watch: This is the Late Brake Show full review of an EV converted Citroen 2CV - renamed the 2CEV. The 'deux chevaux' is one of the most recognised and iconic cars in history, having been made over 5 decades since WWII ended...

Jaguar Mk1 at Goodwood


Below Watch: Normally at Goodwood this rather special Mk1 Jaguar would be sliding all over the place in the most outrageous way... not here though. For the 2004 edition of St Mary's Trophy Part 2 Grant Williams held this awesome Jag relatively steady as he plowed through the opposition including one Rowan Atkinson!

Jaguar F-Type Final Prototype Testing

by Nick Guthry

Below Watch: Final prototype testing of the new Jaguar F-Type with Martin Brundle and Mike Cross Jaguar's chief engineer vehicle dynamics...

Is hydrogen, rather than electric, the future for big-engined machinery?

by Nick Guthry

Below Watch: Harry visit JCB to see first hand the work they are doing as they look for alternatives to diesel power for their heavy duty machines. They already sell fully electric machines and have a hydrogen fuel cell excavator under development but they have recently been working on making their diesel engines run on hydrogen instead and have been amazed by the results. I visit the factory to find out more..

2006 Jaguar XK Promotional Video

by Nick Guthry

Below Watch: 2006 Jaguar XK Coupe promotional video, with Ian Callum, Head of Jaguar Design....

2006 Jaguar XK Official Promotional Film

by Nick Guthry

Below Watch: Official Jaguar promotional film following the development of the all new aluminium Jaguar XK...