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Based in the United States we ordered some stickers from Lou Guthry Motors that I could not find anywhere else. We initially had an issue with the shipment that was not their fault but they immediately made it right no questions asked! Then when I finally received the stickers they were amazing and just as described. Awesome stickers, awesome company! Chris.

"Dear Lou, I must thank you for the wonderful 1997 XK8 that I purchased from you. A truly beautiful car, well maintained by the previous owner and made all the better by your exacting quality control. You made a gem into a sparkling diamond. All the little things I wanted attended to you did without hesitation. The compliments that I have received from many people about the XK8 have been overwhelming. I tell people I had nothing to do with it, It was Lou Guthry Quality Used Cars. I am so taken by your professional approach to selling, I didn’t even need to consider test driving the car before it was delivered to my home in Sydney. I thank you once again for a first class product and I would recommend to any person looking for a quality used Jaguar or indeed any other make of car, If you purchase from Lou Guthry Motors you will own and drive a superb automobile." Jim Foster

“If you read no further, read this – Lou Guthry & Son are Number One. They need not a complaints department, doubt they ever get any, however they certainly need to expand their praise department. In brief, I recently purchased a love at first sight XJ8 which feels and looks like it came off the production line yesterday. My son Matthew collected it and drove it to Tasmania and handed it reluctantly to Dad. It arrived with a non-functioning Aerial and with one call to Lou who said, “that’s no good” immediately despatched a new one - gratis. The secret is to never buy a new Jaguar, wait a few years, save $100K and buy a used one from Lou Guthry for a fifth of the original price, no one will know the difference. The best Jaguar spare parts shop is just up the road from his showroom in Victoria. I mentioned to Lou over the phone when I first spoke after seeing his web site that the rumour in our Family was that I had either been conceived in the Wool Shed or in the back of Dad’s Jag. Lou without hesitation said “What model was it?” I responded “a Mk 5”, Lou said, “Oh yes they had plenty of room in the back seat.” Only a true heritage Australian could have so responded.” Rev. Dr. Bruce Kimberley Lowndes

"Lou, It’s not often people take the time to praise someone’s service, care and attention, more often than not time is spent criticising or complaining. Having spotted a desirable vehicle advertised for sale at Lou Guthry Motors, I initially made some preliminary enquiries via email and phone. Lou was polite and very honest in his description of the vehicle. He didn’t attempt to pressure me in any way and left me to consider the information he provided. An independent inspection of the vehicle was arranged with Lou’s full co-operation (as I am located in another State). The multitude of phone calls, emails and resultant negotiations were all handled professionally and promptly. Lou arranged transportation arrangements and followed through on all commitments given. It is a rare occasion when you encounter such an honest and receptive person such as Lou, especially in the motor trade. I would thoroughly recommend Lou to anyone seeking a genuine and honestly described classic vehicle." Shane Miller

“People don’t always link the words “Used car Salesman” with too many other positive thoughts but I would like to say that you deserve my trust and positive thoughts in the good relationship we have established since I first met you and through the purchasing process of my 2005 Jaguar S-Type which was immaculately presented. In addition to enjoying our conversations on many matters I found you to be scrupulously fair in the purchasing process, reasonable in the negotiations and very supportive in resolving some of the problems that have occurred with the vehicle. You have gone a long way further than any “used car salesman” would and acted in the most professional manner. In conclusion I have found you to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional Jaguar dealer and a likeable friend. I would recommend you most highly to any other customers.” John Walker

"I bought my Sebring Red XJ-S from Lou Guthry so I can personally vouch for the no-pressure sales and great service. Lou went out of his way to describe the car accurately as I was an interstate buyer and he listed all the features and the (few) minor blemishes and when the car arrived in W.A. it was exactly as described." Dave - The Jaguar Mk10 & 420G Owners Symposium

"We had some recent dealings which impressed me with your integrity and industry knowledge. Although I didn't purchase my Jaguar from Lou Guthry Motors, that was solely due to the fact that another dealer happened to have one in stock that better suited my needs. You took it on the chin, and continued to be affable and courteous. In fact, you helped me source a leaping Jaguar, missing from the bonnet of my purchase, and gave me some tips that will help me enjoy Jacinta, my Jag. If I get another car, which will of course be a Jaguar, you will certainly be a prime port of call." Ian Turley -

"We would just like to say how well you both looked after us. You did such a fine job when dealing with the car, we did not feel at all pressured. Dealers rarely do it that way, throughout we felt comfortable and at ease, so thank you very much. Since I was a boy I wanted a Jaguar and that’s a long wait! I’ll be back with the XK 150." Alan and Susan