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Zymol HD-Cleanse Paint Cleaner and Correction


Zymol HD-Cleanse SiO2 paint cleaner and correction removes light oxidization, moderate scratches, accumulated road film, tar and acid rain deposits, renewing your original paint lustre. After washing, the second step in protecting your car's finish is to remove any dead, oxidized paint or environmental contaminants. Other paint cleaners rely on strong chemicals and harsh abrasives. SiO2 Advanced HD Cleanse uses osmosis to lift paint impurities and natural nano-fine SiO2 agents to correct and smooth your paint.

Directions for using Zymol HD-Cleanse SiO2:

1. Using Zymöl Pre-Wax Applicator, gently apply SiO2 Advanced HD Cleanse onto a 1.5-foot square section of the affected surface in a straight line pattern. Do not use a circular motion at any time.

2. Gently work HD Cleanse on the surface with medium to heavy pressure at a 45° angle to the painted surface.

3. Gently buff the surface with a folded Zymöl Microwipe turning the Microwipe often.

Ingredients: Montan Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Lemon Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocomie (derived from coconut oil), Cocamide, Citrics (from rose hips), SiO2 Fused Silica.

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