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Greatest Cars of the Century DVD

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From the carefree memories evoked by the Volkswagen Beetle to the speed and sexy styling of Jaguar, the twentieth century surely produced a car to please everyone, each with its own very different merits. But ask any car driver to choose their absolute favourite from the last one hundred years and the answers are sure to be as varied as the cars themselves! Now though, with the help of Classic and Sports Car readers, we’ve compiled an entertaining and fascinating rundown of the top 100 cars of the century, with detail on more than fifty provided by motoring journalist Simon Taylor. Extensive archive and specially shot footage show the cars in close-up and out on the road, while a wealth of facts and fascinating anecdotes lend intriguing insights into these fabulous machines. You may not agree with our final choice - but you'll certainly enjoy arguing the toss!

"Excellent commentary gives brief details and the basic facts of the cars, which are not kept on the screen so long as to be boring. The colour, definition and sound quality are all excellent...This video can be recommended for family viewing and is good value for money." Vintage Roadscene

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