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Dunlop Wire Wheels Hub Guide

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Wheel Centre Sizes

Wheel Type
Note 1
Actual Hub Diameter
Note 2
Number of SplinesSpline Length
Short Hub
Spline Length
Long Hub
3552 mm6236 mm56 mm
4262.5 mm7537 mm62 mm
5273 mm8837 mm62 mm
6282.5 mm10057 mm78 mm
7292 mm11255 mm84 mm
80102 mm12458 mm87 mm
90111.5 mm13656 mm94 mm
100123 mm15059 mm97 mm
120137 mm16863 mm101 mm

Note 1: The wheel type designation refers to the maximum size of outer bearing, in millimetres, which can be used with that hub.

Note 2: Actual hub diameter is measured across the outside of the splines on the car and not the wheel itself. Dimensions are ±½mm.

In Europe most splined hubs are of the Rudge-Whitworth type having V-shaped serrations with dimensions as above.

On Rolls-Royces, you may find RAF type hubs which have square splines.